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Brixton Ventures Lab convenes the fintech ecosystem to discuss the outlook for the sector and promote alliances

The first edition of Brixton Nights was held, an event organized by the business innovation laboratory Brixton Ventures Lab, where fintech entrepreneurs, specialists and investors met to discuss the challenges that the year presents.

Mexican entrepreneurs: a new model of innovation against weak businesses

Entrepreneurs in Mexico are revolutionizing various industries. High commissions, poor customer service, talent and a large market are reasons for the best business accelerator in the world to bet on them. Nuevo León will be the next innovation hub.

Mexico, the next innovation capital of Latin America in the startup business

Mexico is positioning itself as the main destination for startups or technology companies in Latin America that trust the country for the exponential growth of various industries.

There is potential for collaboration between socaps and technology companies:
Brixton Ventures

Savings and loan cooperatives (socaps) have been present in the country for 70 years; however, given the current challenges of digitization, the sector is lagging behind.

‘Make your clients love you’: Brixton Ventures Lab investor shares advice for startup founders

Rafael Hernández has generated more than 50 collaborations between startups and private institutions. Today he shares 4 tips for founders.

Call for agrotechnological entrepreneurs launched

The initiative seeks to create a strategic synergy between experts from the agricultural, financial, and technological sectors that contribute to confronting the problems of the agricultural sector in the country. 



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