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Season 2

Jime and Rafa talk about the new identity of Twitter (Xcorp), the conversation between TikTok and Walmart (will it be if they develop something together), the letter from more than a thousand experts to stop AI, SenseTime the Chinese rival of Open AI and the drop in demand for Apple computers.

Jime and Rafa talk to us about the bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank, the arrival of Tesla in Nuevo León and its impact on the country, the possible disappearance of unicorn companies and also about the Metaverse, what would you prefer more staff or more efficiency within the company?

We talked about several interesting topics that are transforming the innovation industry (especially in terms of artificial intelligence). We could not not talk about the case of Chat GPT and all the changes that it is already bringing and will bring. We also touch on the importance of adaptation to constant changes and the added value that each person has within companies.

In the third episode we had Ytzia Belausteguigoitia, CEO & Co-Founder at Troquer. We talked about her path to become an entrepreneur and find her passions, everything she learned working in an investment fund, the influence of her family to get to Troquer and how to conceptualize an idea and adapt it to the current market.

We talked about the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk, which universities the founders of unicorns come from, the best university to train engineers in Mexico, what we need to be the next Silicon Valley and the best states to have headquarters, in addition to the CDMX.

In this episode we had Lina Sánchez, Co-founder and CTO of Quibit NFT, an NFT Tickets marketplace for events in Latin America. We talked about Ticketmaster's monopoly and giant lines, fraud and ticket scalping at events, how NFTs work through blockchain, the value they will have in the market and new user experiences.

In this episode we talk about how to connect and with whom at networking events, the world of startup accelerators in Latin America and the investment funds that have been founded by celebrities like Serena Williams and Kim Kardashian.

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Season 1

In the first episode of CERO BULLSHIT, Rafa talks with Juan Miguel Guerra (CEO of Revolut in Mexico) about how he went to study in Germany at the age of 18, his experience founding a fintech in 2012, and why impacting the lives of people with his work is so important to him. 🙌

In this episode, Rafa has as a guest Eduardo Williams (CEO of Contalink) who talks about the adoption of remote work, knowing how to balance risks when one undertakes, and some insights about his experience with Y Combinator. 🚀

In the third episode of CERO BULLSHIT, Rafa has Agustin Feuerhake, co-founder of Fintual, as a guest. He tells us about the keys to having a good team, the growing importance of design in the future, and tips to identify good co-founders for your startup. 😮💥

In the fourth episode of CERO BULLSHIT, Rafa has Roger González and Santiago Villar, co-founders of Wemo, as guests. 🟣 🙌 They talk about the value of creating a community with the same purpose, their vision of education in Mexico, mental and emotional health care, and the responsibility of people who have a large audience on networks social. 😯💥

In the fifth episode of CERO BULLSHIT, Rafa has as a guest Jorge Ortiz, co-founder of tan-tan and first president of the Fintech Mexico Association. They talk about the talent that exists in other states beyond CDMX, the story of how the first LATAM Fintech association was created, and the importance of real financial inclusion.💥 

In the sixth episode of CERO BULLSHIT, Rafa has Jesús López, Head of Innovation at AstraZeneca México as a guest 🇲🇽 Jesús told us how he became an innovation leader in one of the most important companies in the world, what are the essential skills to innovate in a company, and also their vision of what corporations will be like in the future. 🚀 🤯

Pedro Cetina is Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Addem Capital, a debt investment fund in Latin America, they have invested in companies such as Oyster, Tivos, a55, Koltin, Farmazone and others. He also recently opened Latus, a consulting firm specializing in financial advice and structuring of debt and equity rounds. 🚀



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