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A virtual program, in collaboration with the German Sparkassenstiftung, through which we link Fintechs and Agrotechs with non-banking financial institutions to boost the agricultural sector in Mexico.

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A non-profit initiative funded by the UK Prosperity Fund that seeks to increase adoption and awareness of Fintech solutions that benefit MSMEs and end users.

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We designed the first soft landing program with the Mexican Insurtech Association, so that any global insurtech could land in the Mexican market.

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A virtual program implemented by FIDA and the German Sparkassenstiftung, seeks to transform the agricultural industry and the rural population of Latin America and the Caribbean through innovation, financial services, and access to technology for the field.

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We produce Fintech business intelligence reports and carry out an M&A project for the largest microfinance bank in Latin America.

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Through our network, we look for the best Mexican talent to be key players in their expansion to Mexico.

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We prepare market studies for Canadian Fintechs to enter Mexico.

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We did the first program for Chilean startups, together with the Government of Chile, for startups focused on edtech and healthtech that seek to expand their operations to Mexico.

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Together with GIZ, we created the prototype of an application focused on remittances, financial education, and community support.

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During the pandemic, we help them knock on the first doors with companies, understand the market, and tropicalize their value proposition. Now they are breaking it in Mexico.

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