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When the southernmost country in America took its technology and talent north

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The challenge

Chile is the country with the best education and the main innovative economy in Latin America, in fact it is placed in position 53 worldwide. ProChile (the country's commercial agency) wanted to bring its best tech companies focused on education, which were also changing paradigms in LATAM, to the largest Spanish-speaking market. 


As an organization they wondered, how could they create a program that would bring these companies to Mexico and not stay on a trade mission for the photo?  Their goal was that they could actually have productive business meetings.  


The startups needed to understand in the simplest way how the business culture works in Mexico and establish the first conversations with potential clients in the country.

The solution

Together, we select the best startups in Chile to help them in their soft landing process and facilitate at least three business meetings with clients and business partners for each of the participating companies. 

We design a tailored program forspeed uptheinternationalization processwith the aim of facilitating their entry and preparing them for their first meetings with the help of a team of experts. We teach different workshops and mentoring sessions for entrepreneurs focused on their needs and cultural immersion.

The result

We managed to get the 12 participating startups to connect with more than 40 educational institutions. 

They presented their projects in front ofmore than 80 representatives of publishers and educational institutionssuch as Santillana, Hidalgo Bookstores, National Polytechnic Institute, Ibero-American University, La Salle School and the Monterrey Technological Institute.


“After working with the Brixton Ventures Lab team we are very happy and satisfied with the results. Incredible the capacity and management they have over their contact networks, it was a great success to have found them in Mexico”.

Daniel Tamayo, ICT Commercial Deputy Director, Services, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.




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