Privacy Notice

In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data in the Possession of Individuals (the "Law"), and in compliance with BRIXTON VENTURES' obligation to protect the personal data of its customers, affiliates and/or beneficiaries of any of the products or services, we hereby inform you of the following:



According to the Law, "Personal Data" is understood as any information concerning an identified or identifiable individual. For purposes of this Privacy Notice, including but not limited to, "Personal Data":

  1. General Information

Name(s) and surname(s), date of birth, age, sex, marital status, existence or not of children, address, fixed telephone (home or office), cell phone, e-mail, and the data and information that according to the Law are concerning an identified or identifiable natural person.

1.2 Data related to job applications

When you enter or provide Personal Data in or for the BRIXTON VENTURES job bank, in addition to general data, information on educational level, work experience and any information related to the curriculum vitae or job application you send us will be considered Personal Data.


1.3 Cookies

Cookies are text files that are automatically downloaded and stored on a hard drive of the user's computer when browsing a certain website and that allow the web server to remember some of the user's data. By means of this Privacy Notice we inform you that BRIXTON VENTURES may use certain cookies to obtain information so that the next time you enter the consultation site, your information is preloaded. Likewise, and depending on the transaction, product and/or service in question, BRIXTON VENTURES may use said cookies with the objective of identifying or preventing e-commerce operations that could be fraudulent or of irregular or illicit origin.

1.4. Social Media

Social networks (such as Facebook®, Twitter®, YouTube®, Linkedin® and/or other social networks that may be available on the market from time to time) constitute a platform for communication and interconnection between the digital platforms of different users, and are not the responsibility of BRIXTON VENTURES.


The information you provide on social networks in which BRIXTON VENTURES participates as a user does not constitute or form part of the Personal Data subject to the protection of this Privacy Notice, being the responsibility of the company providing that platform and of the person who publishes it.


In the event that BRIXTON VENTURES requires any personal data from you by means of and/or through any social network, such data shall be treated in accordance with the Purposes of Treatment described below, according to the type of data in question. In this case, the personal data shall be the responsibility of BRIXTON VENTURES. However, since they are collected through social networks, the latter may also have access to or ownership of such information, depending on the policies of use, confidentiality and treatment of the information on each of the social networks.


Personal Data may be collected by filling out forms and/or by collecting information or documentation required by BRIXTON VENTURES, either personally or electronically on any of the BRIXTON VENTURES websites, present or future ("BRIXTON VENTURES X websites")

1.5.  Via telephone.

When you provide us with your personal data by telephone, it will be understood that at that time you are giving your prior and express consent for BRIXTON VENTURES to process your personal data in accordance with the purposes of the processing established in this Privacy Notice.


1.6.  Video-surveillance and digital media.

For security reasons, BRIXTON VENTURES may install video-surveillance equipment in all and/or some of its establishments. Therefore, it may collect images, photographs, videos, voices and/or sounds that identify or make identifiable our clients and/or any individual that is or transits in and/or through the BRIXTON VENTURES facilities. Data may also be collected by digital means (images, videos, photographs, interviews, recordings, etc.) when entering events, programs or activities organized by or in which BRIXTON VENTURES participates.



The legal entity responsible for collecting your Personal Data (in this act, as well as in past and/or future acts), is the legal entity called BRIXTON VENTURES, which is and/or may be part of a group of companies known as BRIXTON VENTURES.


In accordance with the provisions of the Law, the processing of Personal Data ("Processing of Personal Data") is considered to be the obtaining, use, disclosure or storage of Personal Data, by any means. The use includes any action to access, handle, use, transfer or dispose of Personal Data.

The Processing of Personal Information by Brixton Ventures will be limited to the fulfillment of the Processing Purposes set forth in this Privacy Notice and in the event that it is intended to process your Personal Information for a purpose other than the purposes of this Privacy Notice, BRIXTON VENTURES will be required to obtain your consent for such purpose, again.


Through this Privacy Notice, BRIXTON VENTURES declares that the purposes of the processing of your Personal Information will be the following ("Purposes of Processing"):

  1. Commercial purposes, with the aim of providing you with BRIXTON VENTURES' commercial information, among which are those related to announcements, competitions, information on new products, courses, programs, consultancies, changes in our products, requests for evaluation of service quality, internal studies on consumer habits and any other promotional or issue related to the products and/or services that form part of the BRIXTON VENTURES concept.
  2. In the event that products or services are acquired for which economic charges must be made to the bank cards of BRIXTON VENTURES' clients, the Personal Data related to banking information shall only be subject to the Purposes of Processing established in this Privacy Notice, for the duration of the commercial transaction and/or during the time that, in accordance with BRIXTON VENTURES' operations or the regulations on the subject, this is established, with the purpose of being able to respond to or clarify future claims, clarifications or confirmations in relation to the magazines and commercial transactions carried out with BRIXTON VENTURES, in order to provide security and fraud prevention services in accordance with the platforms and security systems that BRIXTON VENTURES has for these purposes, to be able to store and use such data later in transactions or operations other than the first one that originated them, in which case, such charges or transactions shall always be made with your prior and express consent to use such data, in accordance with the mechanisms determined by BRIXTON VENTURES for such purpose.
  3. Delivery of information and fulfillment of obligations to our customers, in case you purchase any product or service or to meet the obligations that in your case we have or will have with you, we will use your Personal Data to contact you.
  4. Recruitment and selection of personnel, so that individuals can receive timely information about job offers or vacancies that arise at BRIXTON VENTURES and its affiliates. Likewise, BRIXTON VENTURES will be able to carry out the contact processes, interviews and any other process related to its recruitment and selection of personnel, whether it is done on your behalf and/or through any other of its affiliates or subsidiaries.
  5. Requirements and compliance with obligations of public and administrative entities, in order to respond to requests for information from public and administrative entities in the exercise of their legal functions or by court order, as well as for the collection of information, storage, delivery of notices and compliance with obligations by BRIXTON VENTURES in relation to compliance with the Federal Law for the Prevention and Identification of Operations with Resources of Illicit Origin and other applicable regulations.
  6. Registration and conservation of databases, so that BRIXTON VENTURES can carry out any and all activities that allow it to store and conserve information in the databases of BRIXTON VENTURES and/or any of its affiliates, subsidiaries and/or members of the BRIXTON VENTURES group that contain personal data.
  7. The photographs, videos, audio, interviews and/or surveys taken and/or made of the participants of the programs, events and activities may be published (along with some of your other Personal Information) through the media used by BRIXTON VENTURES. If you object to this treatment, please follow the Arc Procedure.
  8. Purposes that give rise to or are necessary for the existence, maintenance or fulfilment of a legal relationship or obligation, these purposes are those that derive from the conclusion of a contract, agreement or legal bond from which a legal relationship between you and BRIXTON VENTURES is derived, in which BRIXTON VENTURES has a unilateral legal obligation in your benefit and/or those for which BRIXTON VENTURES is responsible or in favour of the fulfilment of obligations, responsibilities and/or exercise of contractual, legal rights and/or derived from requirements from authorities.


In order to be able to carry out the above, it will be necessary for BRIXTON VENTURES to use your Personal Data, during the time in which the relationship or legal obligation between you and BRIXTON VENTURES subsists, and/or while obligations, rights or responsibilities before Authorities and/or derived from the applicable legislation subsist.




In order for BRIXTON VENTURES to carry out the processing of personal data, our clients and/or holders of personal data must give us their express or tacit acceptance for said processing, which will be carried out by any of the following means:


  1. Express acceptance

In accordance with the provisions of Article 8 of the Law, it will be understood that you have expressed your consent for BRIXTON VENTURES to process your personal data when you express your will verbally, in writing, by electronic, optical or any other technology, or by unequivocal signs.


5.1.1. Disclosure through electronic means


Publication on the BRIXTON VENTURES website


BRIXTON VENTURES will publish this Privacy Notice on the BRIXTON VENTURES Websites, so that, once you become aware of its contents, you may grant or deny your consent for BRIXTON VENTURES to process your Personal Information.


E-mail address

Based on the information you provide or have provided to us, BRIXTON VENTURES may send this Privacy Notice by e-mail, so that, once you have learned of its contents, you may grant or deny your consent for BRIXTON VENTURES to process your Personal Information.


5.1.2. Acceptance or rejection of the Privacy Notice by electronic means


Once you have read and are aware of the contents of the Privacy Notice, or any changes made to it, you will have the following options:


Acceptance: By accepting, you give your consent and authorization for BRIXTON VENTURES to use your Personal Data in accordance with the Processing Purposes established in the Privacy Notice.


Do not accept: When you do not accept the content of the Privacy Notice or its modifications, you deny or cancel your consent and authorisation for BRIXTON VENTURES to use your Personal Data.


In this case, BRIXTON VENTURES will cancel and stop using your Personal Information for the purposes of processing established in the Privacy Notice.


The above, with the exception that if the processing of the personal data is necessary or indispensable for the fulfilment of an obligation and/or exercise of any right arising between the owner of the personal data and BRIXTON VENTURES, as well as for the fulfilment of obligations to Authorities, then at the time of subscription, acquire or agree with respect to them, the Owner of the personal data authorized that they be used for compliance and / or exercise of such rights and obligations, so that not accepting the treatment of them in any way may cancel the rights previously signed by the owner.


Therefore, in the event that you do not accept the treatment of the data after having acquired a product or service, signed an obligation and/or become a creditor of a right, such refusal to process your personal data shall only be effective with respect to the other Purposes of the treatment established in this Policy that do not form part of the right or obligation acquired between you and BRIXTON VENTURES and/or when it is unilaterally signed by one of them.


5.1.3. Personal acceptance


When the Personal Data is obtained personally from the owner, BRIXTON VENTURES will make this Privacy Notice available to you at the time your Personal Data is collected and in a clear and reliable manner, by means of the formats that BRIXTON VENTURES uses or will use for this purpose. In addition, through said formats, BRIXTON VENTURES shall obtain the acceptance or refusal of the owner's consent to submit said data to the Processing Purposes established in this Privacy Notice.


5.1.4. Acceptance by telephone


In the case of data collected in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Notice, such acceptance will be obtained verbally by the telephone operation personnel designated by BRIXTON VENTURES for this purpose, for which purpose, said person will invite you to know the contents of this Privacy Notice, which will be available for your subsequent consultation on the page 


5.2. Tacit acceptance


Based on the provisions of Article 35 of the Law, the content of this Privacy Notice, as well as any modification or addition to it, will be made known to you by any of the established means, and if you do not express opposition to the content and scope of the same within a period of 2 months, As of the date on which BRIXTON VENTURES informs you of this Privacy Notice or its modifications, it shall be understood that you give your tacit consent for BRIXTON VENTURES to process your Personal Data based on the Processing Purposes established in the Privacy Notice.


5.3. Retroactive acceptance


For all our clients who, on dates prior to the notification or publication of this Privacy Notice, have provided us with their Personal Information, either by filling out the forms to obtain services from BRIXTON VENTURES and/or information regarding employment applications, or by any other form or means, The Privacy Notice will be provided to you, so that you may give or withhold your consent (express or implied) to BRIXTON VENTURES to continue or not to carry out the Processing of your Personal Information based on the Purposes of Processing established in the Privacy Notice.




6.1. Actions to prevent unauthorized use or disclosure


In order to guarantee the protection of your Personal Information and to limit the unauthorized use or disclosure of this information, BRIXTON VENTURES continuously carries out and will carry out the following actions:


a) Confidentiality of information. BRIXTON VENTURES shall keep your Personal Information confidential, which shall remain so even after the end of its commercial or other relations with the client or owner of said Personal Information.


b) Notification of confidentiality. In the event that, for any reason, BRIXTON VENTURES finds it necessary to provide your Personal Information to third parties (in the terms provided for by the Law or in this Privacy Notice), it shall notify said third parties of their obligation to comply with the provisions of the Law and the confidentiality of your Personal Information.


c) Administration of databases. The Personal Information is administered and safeguarded by means of the use of databases ("Database"), which are administered only by the persons designated by BRIXTON VENTURES for such purpose, and which may not be used, consulted, handled or accessed by unauthorized persons.


6.2. Requests to limit use or disclosure


If you wish to limit the use or disclosure of your Personal Information, in relation to one or more of the Purposes of the Processing of Personal Information, you may send the respective request in accordance with the procedure established in this Privacy Notice, or by accessing the links that are or will be loaded on the BRIXTON VENTURES web pages or in the promotional information that we send you.